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Huawei expands support

Huawei Technologies is expanding its support to Ethiopia to aid in the country’s capability to fight the COVID-19 with a slew of medical donations and technological support.

This comes about as the Chinese owned multinational has donated to government ministries and agencies, the latest being the Ministry of Innovation and Technologies.

“As a leading player in telecommunication, we are honoured to be partnering with MiNT for the innovation and ICT modernization of Ethiopia. Huawei is a socially responsible corporation and will support partners in social economic challenges that we all are facing today,” the CEO of Huawei technologies told a gathering inside the office of MiNT on Tuesday.

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There has been a growing generosity from the Chinese corporate sector within Ethiopia, including from its private citizens and entrepreneurs involved in a wide array of partnership in the nation, including in mega projects.

Their support has gone towards supporting Ethiopia curb the fast spread of the virus that has affected its economy enormously, like the rest of the world, as well as the loss of lives.

“We appreciate the continued efforts from Huawei with our ministry and the technological sector in the country. Protecting our manpower and partners who are still working in these tough times, is critical of the long term development (agenda of the nation),” said Yaniya Seid (PhD), the State Minister of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

In addition, the company has pledged to donate video conference systems to the ministry and have it continue to be functional and have its employees work via its system. It has also pledged to support Ethiopia with the newest ICT Technologies. 

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The company is no stranger to supporting Ethiopia. In the past, it has managed to donate its signature Huawei’s help and its desktop cloud solution system, in support of Ethiopia’s SchoolNet project and has distributed more than 5000 virtual desktops to schools across the country. It has also given internship and employment opportunities to thousands of new graduates. 

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