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INSA foils cyber-attacks from Egypt

The Information Network Security Agency (INSA) announced on Monday that it has successfully thwarted cyber-attacks that originated from Egypt.

According to INSA, the cyber-attack attempts carried out on June 17, 18, 19 and 20, 2020, were aimed at creating economic, psychological and political pressure on Ethiopia.

The Egypt-based hackers called Cyber_Horus Group, AnuBis.Hacker and Security By Passed, have orchestrated the foiled cyber-attacks, INSA said.

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These groups have claimed responsibility for the attacks, with the intention to create all rounded pressure on Ethiopia regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), particularly to halt filling of the dam.

The criminals have been preparing for a long time targeting on 13 websites of public service institutions, security agencies and private organizations, it was indicated.

According to INSA, the attempts could have caused significant economic, psychological, and political damages in the country if the agency had not able to prevent the cyber-attacks.  

INSA insisted on individuals and organizations to take the necessary precaution measures to secure their web sites. (ENA)

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More than 2 mln vulnerable to floods this rainy season

More than two million people across the country will be affected by floods this rainy season, according to Disaster Risk Management Commission.

Disaster Risk Management Commission Early Warning and Response Director, Almaz Demisse, said that “around 2,066,683 people are at risk. Of those 434,154 are expected to be displaced during the season.”

Though some regions will not get enough rainfall, flooding will occur in all regions and the two city administrations at different levels, she added.

“We are preparing a humanitarian response plan and will send it to the pertinent sectoral governmental and non-governmental offices to allocate the budget required to overcome the challenge.”

The director urged stakeholders to prepare their own plan that could respond to the nature of the problems by adhering to flooding preventive measures.

National Meteorological Agency forecasted that above normal rainfall will be registered in north-western, western and south-western parts of the country.

Agency Early Warning Director, Chali Debele said unprecedented floods could occur following above normal range rainfall during the season. (ENA)

Dangote Cement boosts jobs in four African countries including Ethiopia

President of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote said that despite the challenging economic situation in 2019, his company was able to sustain 54,000 jobs in four African countries; Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal and South Africa.

The business mogul, who spoke with shareholders at the Company’s 11th Annual General Meeting in Lagos, said more jobs would be created as the company intensifies export of clinker to other neighboring countries from Nigeria.

He said: “According to our 2019 socioeconomic impact assessment study specifically on our operations in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal and South Africa, we sustained 54,005 jobs”

Dangote lamented that the world faces the stark reality of a major health crisis, accompanied by a devastating impact on the global economy, noting that during these times, the company’s top priority remains the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and society at large.
Dangote Group,
is engaged in the manufacture, preparation, import, packaging, and distribution of cement and related products in Nigeria and has plants or import terminals in 9 other African countries. (Vanguard)

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Authority to plant 95 mln tree seedlings in basins

Basins Development Authority said it will plant 95 million tree seedlings this rainy season as part of the nation’s Green Legacy Initiative. 

Basins Development Authority Director-General, Adanech Yared, said that the authority has finalized preparations to mainly plant indigenous species by giving priority to biodiversity hotspots, most of them in wet basins.

Planting will be undertaken in Abay, Awash, the Rift Valley, Wabi Shebele, Tekeze, and Baro Akobo basins, she added.

Endowed with 12 major river basins, Ethiopia has been undertaking plantations and water shade developments in the basins in order to enhance soil and water conservation, she noted.

According to Adanech, “the authority will plant 95 million tree seedlings of the national plan to plant 5 billion trees nationwide.”  

The director-general revealed that out of the 80 million tree seedlings the authority planted last year, over 88 percent have survived.   

She stated that the planting and water shade developments carried out over the past six years have helped to increase water quantity and quality in the dams. (ENA)

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