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PoliticsAEUP urges gov’t ensure peace, security

AEUP urges gov’t ensure peace, security

The All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) in its latest statement said that even though the party has repeatedly expressed its concern over the deteriorating peace and security of the country and take measures; it once again calls on the government to ensure the peace and security of its citizens like never.

The party presented its request, in its latest statement issued on Monday, July 6, 2020, entitled “The government should ensure the right to life of citizens.” Therefore, the government should not be reactive but proactive to protect the right to life, the right to move freely and protect citizens.

Even though the party has called on the government to take any necessary measures to ensure peace and security in the country, there are groups who also argue that calling for the government to take such measures might make the government authoritarian. In this regard, Mulugeta Abebe, Deputy Chairman of the party told The Reporter that “While we are calling on the government to take necessary measures, we are not referring to the detention or killing of citizens. Rather we are demanding the government ensure the sovereignty of the country, and the peace and security of fellow citizens. If the government becomes authoritarian in this process, we will it onwards.”

The party also stated that following the death of the well-known artist, Hachalu Hundessa, and the chaos that ensued afterwards, had resulted in many losing their life and livelihoods, displaced from their homes. Therefore, the party calls on the government to pay compensations and prepare a temporary shelter.

Furthermore, the party requests the government bring every perpetrator before the court of justice. It is known that following the death of the singer, politicians such as Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and Esskinder Nega are in custody and appeared in front of a judge last week.

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It is to be remembered that a party lead by Eskinder Nega, called Balderas for Genuine Democracy (Balderas) and AEUP, had formed a coalition a few months ago. The Reporter asked Mulugeta if Eskinders detention has any effects on the fate of the coalition.

In this regard, “It is obvious that the detention of a leader, has affected the struggle. However, it doesn’t mean because of his detention that the coalition doesn’t continue,” Mulugeta told The Reporter.

“Due to the detention of Eskinder, our concern now is that we are walking back to where we were previously, and it might darken the democratization process of the country,” Mulugeta expressed his fear.

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