Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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PoliticsAuditor General to reveal report to media if parliament fails to convene

Auditor General to reveal report to media if parliament fails to convene

The Federal Auditor General has announced that it is going to release its audit report findings of the year 2011 (2018/19) if the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) refuses to call an extraordinary session to hear about the stated period’s audit and performance findings.

From what The Reporter understands that the audit report is one of the most important reports, the recently concluded parliamentary year should have heard despite the impacts of COVID-19.

Auditor General Gemechu Dubisso told The Reporter that his Office has already submitted its findings to the Parliament’s Secretariat Office. However, due to different circumstances the parliament went into recess without deliberating on the report.

Even though he has not so far discussed the matter with the House Speaker, Gemechu did not have any concern the House would not hear the report at all. Hence, he expects the Speaker to summon MPs for the session.

However, if that does not materialize, the Auditor General indicated that he would release the report to the media.

In addition, he told The Reporter that when such kinds of incidents occur, the auditor General and House Speaker had consulted each other on the possibility of unveiling the report via media.

However, Gemechu believes that instead of using the media “it is better and more appropriate to find ways for MPs to once again get together, to hear the report,” he told The Reporter.

He supported his reason by arguing that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most MPs are not supposed to go back to their respective constituencies, making it is easy to call them to convene in this session once again.

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