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The New Perfumery in Town

Lucy Fragrances has been making its way through Instagram popularity with cleanly designed visuals that entice and intrigue the viewer. Founders of the company Edom Bekele and Senait Daniel launched Lucy Fragrances in October.

The expanding business of beautifying nails

At a nail salon in Bole a technician files a customer’s nail with an emery board to remove glittery gold nail polish. Bethlehem, the technician applies acetone to the nails then cuts off strips of aluminium foil to wrap each finger in acetone soaked cotton balls.

Exploring economic justice through textile 

Kirubel Melke’s exhibition (the distance) Between Me and My Home opened this week at Alliance Ethio-Francaise. The exhibition features textile collage and fabric and paper collages in Kirubel’s signature style. 

Threading of Fabrics

Threading of Fabrics (Gungun Diroch) is Meron Hailu’s latest work currently exhibited at Guramayne Art Center. Experienced in multiple media and an experienced printmaker, Meron has focused her attention on colorful thread for these artworks.

The single foreign character in Ethiopian movies

There is a lot to say about Ethiopian movies - whether it’s the unrealistic plot points, the love interest that highlights the class divide that is virtually absent from national political dialogue, or the myriad issues that plague production like terrible sound design. 

The not so inspiring sacrifice

Sacrifice is a new exhibition at the newly renovated Fendika Cultural Center by Etsegenet Girma, Beza Hayleleoul, and Mehari Birhanu. All three are graduates of Teferi Mekonnen School’s (TMS) graphics program and showed their work together at Addis Ababa Museum last year. 

Comforting and hopeful depictions of the pandemic

Dispatches from Limbo, a group exhibition, opened this weekend at LeLa Gallery - one of the few contemporary art galleries to open doors after the COVID-19 pandemic induced shut down of businesses. Behailu Bezabih, Dawit Abebe, Eyob Kitaba, Henok Melkamzer, Nahom Teklehaimanot, Tamrat Gezahegne, and Tewodros Hagos gathered to present an exhibition of works new and old.