Friday, December 1, 2023


Reviving Creativity

AAU Cultural Center returns as a haven for artistic expression The sunny afternoon of Saturday, November 18, 2023, infused Addis Ababa University's Sidist Kilo campus...

Rising productions costs thicken plot for producers, writers

The commercialization of scripts and lyrics is a recent and quickly growing trend in the Ethiopian entertainment industry. This booming frontier offers new and...

Spiking disinformation campaign among Diasporas; and diverging national vision

More than 7,000 miles away from home in the US city of Silver Spring in Maryland, Ethiopians and people with Ethiopian origin from all...

From agony to celebration

Tigray women embrace first Ashenda festival after the end of devastating conflict The past two years have been a harrowing period for the women of...

Picture perfect

As pioneers in Addis Ababa reinvent wedding photography from basic portraits to elaborate artistic productions captured amid actual celebrations, photographers constantly innovate and upgrade equipment to compete but regulations have not kept pace with tech trends like drones.

A Rebirth for Ethiopian Cinema?

Ethiopian film industry looks to overcome quality challenges to regain glory days Ethiopia's cinema industry was facing challenges even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced theater...
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Women left wanting: Ethiopia’s contraceptive conundrum

Access to affordable birth control in Ethiopia is difficult with condoms scarce and expensive while options and information for women remain limited. Education and open discussion are key for empowering women with the knowledge to make informed choices for their reproductive health and wellbeing.

Ethiopian ears tune to Afrobeat’s infectious beat

Afrobeat's rise to become one of the world's most influential new genres, spearheaded by African artists embracing pan-African sounds and themes, reflects Africa's growing cultural and economic influence worldwide.

A vanishing past

Addis Ababa's embrace of modern towers and glass boxes risks leveling the living histories of old buildings and districts that lend the city its cultural continuity and sense of place.
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Soaring above the big top: Circus Abyssinia

Bibi Tesfamariam and Bichu Tesfamariam have taken an unconventional route to pursue a shared dream of joining the circus arts. Their journey has been filled...

Brushstrokes of brilliance: Foundation keeps famed artist’s vision alive

Lemma Guya Gemeda, one of Ethiopia's most renowned contemporary artists known for his innovative "Lemmism Art" style, left an indelible mark on Ethiopia's art...

Rophnan’s beat of unity

Sounds of Hope, Tune of Togetherness: Rophnan's Tour Music has the power to unite people across divides and Rophnan Nuri is doing just that through...
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Treasure beyond walls: end of Fendika

Nestled among the houses lining the road from Kazanchis to Arat Kilo lies Fendika, an unassuming cultural center that has nurtured the city's vibrant...

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