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Wedaj: A Last Testament of Tariku (Baba) Birhanu’s Legacy

When the tragic news of Tariku (Baba) Birhanu's unexpected death spread a few months ago, it shocked the entire country. His many loyal supporters...

The Rise of Stand-Up Comedy

In recent years, Addis Ababa has seen a boom in underground artists, in part because of the city's growing event culture, which is popular...

Artistic freedom in Ethiopia

All forms of artistic creation—from music and visual art to writing and filmmaking—share a common goal: the exploration of personal expression. One of the...

The perplexing nightlife during Lent

On many occasions, finding a number of people guzzling juice and devouring vegetables after 7:00 in the evening is a somewhat uncommon trend to observe in Addis Ababa since it is usually a time when people go to bars to spend a couple of hours sipping beer.

The complicated case of dementia

What do former United States President Ronald Reagan, former Prime Ministers of the UK Harold Wilson, renowned footballer Ferenc Puskás, Academy Award winning actor Charlton Heston and Nobel laureate Charles K.

From Kalashnikov to the brush

Brothers at War, was the phrase used by the Western media to describe the Ethio-Eritrea war that took place from May 1998 to June 2000.
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To live or leave: the story of roommates

The informal term for roommate is roomie, which is commonly used by university students in different parts of the world.

It is getting quiet in here!

Given the city’s status as the headquarters of the African Union and the special attachment that the country has with reggae artists, which they publicize in their songs, one would expect A-list artists would be flocking to Addis Ababa to perform all the time.

Dire Dawa: city in the doldrums

People used to refer to Dire Dawa as the second biggest city in Ethiopia. Indeed the town was once a vibrant trade center in the eastern part of the country and it was all thanks to the now defunct Ethio-Djibouti Railway System.
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