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A helping hand on a rainy day

“These are hard times for many of us and we are barely pulling through,” a 63-year-old woman Almaz Tadesse said in a sobering voice echoed by many of her neighbors as she joined a line of people to collect perishable food inside the factory of Heineken in Kilinto.

Trying to get by amid COVID-19

Some are street kids trying to survive on the streets of the capital, but many are laid-off hotel and other workers who have hit a wall in the midst of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic that has devastated the local economy.

Upping the ante against the silent killer

With an Ethiopian population that is more than 70 percent youthful and with fast growing spending power, there is increasing fear that much of Ethiopia Would be prey to the growing influence of tobacco. This comes as the World Health Organization (WHO) highlights a growing phenomenon among a youthful smoking population making this year’s World No Tobacco Day a sombre moment.

Embracing vaccination as way of life

In the village of Mesrake not far from the City of Debre Tsege, overshadowed by the monasteries of Debre Libanos not far away and a full-fledged hospital in the City of Fiche, the city’s lone public clinic has been busy with a growing interest from parents to vaccinate their young children.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Up on top of Entoto Mountain, in the outskirts of the capital, Geresu Gebela, a 68 year old security guard is a humbling man with many stories to tell. If his life is hard, he is not showing it.

Pre-COVID-19 children’s activities in Addis

Schools all over the country have closed their doors in response to COVID-19 pandemic, leaving parents and caregivers scrambling to find daily activities for their children. Before that, when things were normal, an activity that became commonplace among kids of all ages was spending their weekends at game zones.

COVID-19 canceling out weddings

The long lent fasting, which lasted for about two months, came to an end with the celebration of Easter. The couple of months that follow are filled with weddings and huge gatherings for various types of celebrations.