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Covers, mashups: informal music internship

Over a decade ago, Ethiopian Idol altered the way audiences consumed television. Aside from the weekly drama series, another show grabbed our attention for an hour as we marveled at angelic voices, commiserated at faltering notes and delighted in awful renditions sung with undeserved bravado.

Art as depository of collective history

He has specialized in the fields of fine arts and scripture. Distinguished for his historical narratives, Wendimagegn Belete has been announced as one of the shortlisted artists for the Future Generation Art Prize 2020, a biannual art prize organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation for global young artists that comes with the cash prize of USD 100,000 and with commitments to commission new works.

A helping hand for South Omo

Jinka, the capital of South Omo Zone of the Southern Regional State is one of the destinations in the country where tourists flock too. Located 750 km from Addis Ababa, is also a center for sixteen indigenous ethnic groups as well as others pooled from the rest of the country.

Breastfeeding: A mother’s best gift to her child

With the theme of - “Support Breastfeeding for a Healthier Planet” – this year the Ethiopian Midwives Association marked the occasion inside its headquarters in the Lamberet neighborhood with hundreds of people in attendance.

Children of the night at a crossroad

There is something quite extraordinary about the area known as Checheneya – not far from the once quite resident area turned a business district named, Bole in midst of the most desired part of the capital.

A helping hand on a rainy day

“These are hard times for many of us and we are barely pulling through,” a 63-year-old woman Almaz Tadesse said in a sobering voice echoed by many of her neighbors as she joined a line of people to collect perishable food inside the factory of Heineken in Kilinto.