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Embracing vaccination as way of life

In the village of Mesrake not far from the City of Debre Tsege, overshadowed by the monasteries of Debre Libanos not far away and a full-fledged hospital in the City of Fiche, the city’s lone public clinic has been busy with a growing interest from parents to vaccinate their young children.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Up on top of Entoto Mountain, in the outskirts of the capital, Geresu Gebela, a 68 year old security guard is a humbling man with many stories to tell. If his life is hard, he is not showing it.

Pre-COVID-19 children’s activities in Addis

Schools all over the country have closed their doors in response to COVID-19 pandemic, leaving parents and caregivers scrambling to find daily activities for their children. Before that, when things were normal, an activity that became commonplace among kids of all ages was spending their weekends at game zones.

COVID-19 canceling out weddings

The long lent fasting, which lasted for about two months, came to an end with the celebration of Easter. The couple of months that follow are filled with weddings and huge gatherings for various types of celebrations.

Small businesses taking a blow from COVID-19

As Ethiopia enters its fourth week of lockdown, many businesses have been closed down, or are working at a slower pace. The state of emergency has also put forward requirements that make continuing business as usual challenging.

Getting used to staying at home

The Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the day to day life and activities of people drastically. Work, school and social life is not the same any longer. The lockdown does not seem to be ending anytime soon and people are trying to cope with the current situation.

Understanding the business side of music

Music is part of the thriving creative industry that can contribute to the economic value as well as build a positive image. In Ethiopia there are many iconic artistes that have gained global acclaim and behind those artistes are unrecognized hardworking music managers.

Ethiopia seen through letters

Ethiopia is a unique land with a long history. As being one of the few lands that has its own alphabet, people forgot how unique it is. According to sources, Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with its own distinct alphabet, which uses the system of Abugida.