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Shedding light on museums

Museums are usually one of the best ways to understand a country’s culture and history and especially the progress of one’s country. Ethiopia is a country rich with culture and history. However, some museums show very little regarding its vast culture and history.

Holiday shopping spree

Christmas is a shopping holiday. There is no religious celebration that is mostly dedicated to exchanging gifts, and indulging in excessive decorations.

Through the eyes of art

There are many artists in Ethiopia; some well-known and others not so much. And there are very few galleries. One of these is Addis Fine Art, located in Addis Ababa for the past four years.

An altruistic gesture worthy of accolade

Gezahegn Wordofa left his humble beginnings in Dukem early. He left for his graduate level education more than two decades ago, completing a PhD in Moscow and proceeded to become an award winning advocate and humanitarian in Canada.

Donating Smiles

For a busy woman who has built a world class dental institution, a high end gym, a residential unit and a top tier spa, inside a landmark building of her own around Shola; she is accessible, excited and has stood ready to discuss the dire need of dental treatments interacting with those who had come to her clinic in hopes of resolving and restoring their dental and oral health on a Sunday morning.

Introducing brand lifestyle

For the first MAC Cosmetics store that opened in the heart of Bole, the first such brand in Ethiopia, a soft launch with top makeup artists and celebrities invited to take a glimpse of the new franchised landmark store late last month.

Hidden problems in public transportation

In the daily lives of Ethiopians, overcrowded public transportation like the bus or the train are utterly unavoidable; even grueling traffic congestion are becoming a common feature in some of the largest cities of Ethiopia.

Farming as an opportunity

“Farming has been important to me and my family,” Negatwa Biru, a 63-year-old woman farmer, told The Reporter as she took care of her farm, now on her own since her husband, the father of her three children suddenly died last year. “It’s through farming we were able to raise and support our children and see them go to secondary school (the first in the family) and it’s a culture I am proud to embrace on my own”.

Nurturing entrepreneurs and startups

Ethiopia, one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and the world has seen an increase a startup business. As unemployment is soaring, the need for start-up has been paramount. The government of Ethiopia has been encouraging people, especially youngsters, to start their own startups as a strategy to curb unemployment.