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Cannabis FDI: sending shockwaves in Ethiopia

As Ethiopia is inviting the world to invest in its local economy as a strategy to change its narrative, despite its financial benefits, the issue of medicinal cannabis is becoming a wedge issue for most. 

Food as form of artistic expression

In 1971, American artists Gordon Matta-Clark and Carol Goodden opened FOOD, a restaurant in New York that became a center for artists in the city. Bone Dinner is one of the iconic meals served in the restaurant.

Abstract art: let the shades, canvas speak

An exhibition of his recent workby FikruGebre Mariam produced since 2014 are currently on view at Alliance Ethio-Française. Opening day of Chasing Dreams, Shaping Destiny attracted one of the largest turnouts a single artist’s exhibition has garnered in Addis Ababa.

If colors can talk: or do they?

In 1960, French artist Yves Klein registered his own shade of ultramarine pigment International Klein Blue (IKB) and painted canvases with the color for a certain period of his life. This blue period or l’epoquebleue, as he referred to it, included a series of monochromes in IKB and performance art pieces where models painted in the color rolling and walking on a canvas.

Augmented Reality: the next big thing in brand advertisement?

Proposed bill restricting the advertisement of alcoholic beverages on television has passed parliament this February and alcoholic beverages and advertising agencies have been looking to creatively circumvent the law that has yet to take effect. The bill restricts any alcoholic beverage from broadcasting any commercials on television.

Reliving Adwa: Tracing the footsteps of patriots

Guzo Adwa is on its sixth year of commemoration for the 123rd anniversary of the Adwa Battle, making the weeks-long trek from Addis Ababa to Adwa, Tigray. Starting off their journey in early January in Harar with 4 people, this group grew to 46 in Addis Ababa and 54 by the time they reached Wukiro.