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European film week

European Film Festival officially began this Thursday at Vamdas Entertainment. The festival has been creating cultural exchange between Europe and Ethiopia for many years.

Asmara: out and about

The day starts early in the small locality of Accria, Asmara. The powerful calls of Adhan (calls to prayer) reverberate across town from multiple broadcasting mosques and serve as a communal alarm clock.

Viewing history in a new light

A group consisting of 5 artists, 3 researchers and 2 curators set out on a journey through Shoa following the trails of European explorers of the 19th century. Their travels through Menagesha forest, Holeta, Addis Alem, Entoto and the historic town of Ankober led to an exhibition at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at the Addis Ababa University, on Thursday.

Rophnan shines at Leza Awards night

Leza Awards, an annual glamorous red carpet event produced by 102.1 Sheger FM Leza Radio Show, honored best musical and film up comers of the year on Tuesday at the Hilton Addis hotel.

Asmara: a beauty frozen in time

Imagine, if you will, strolling through a quiet city where you may find empty intersections and very few people on the streets; a city with seemingly little connection with the outside world, as if it was located on an entirely different planet altogether.

Witnessing art

‘Witnessing the Piece’, a group exhibition featuring young painters is on view at the Alliance Ethio-Française. The artists, Amanuel Wondwosen, Mieraf Girum and Lejkidus Bezzawork are young graduate artists trying to put a mark on the contemporary Ethiopian art scene.

“Negari: Manifesto”

While the Addis Ababa art scene is scattered around the city, Guramayne Art Center can be proposed to be one of the two centers for art making and viewing (the other being the Alle School of Art and Design). Placed above the New Art Space Studio that has housed three of the most prolific artists for nearly two decades, the area attracts emerging and established artists as well as art students eager to discuss art and create new works.

Fan conventions: the rise of nerd culture in Addis

Nerd culture is universal. Whether it starts at a young age or develops later in life, some take a hobby or simple interest and develop a lifestyle around it. Youths, usually between the ages of 15 and 30, connect and gather around to a common interest like comic books, superheroes or video games. Nerd Army is one such example.

Capturing change frame by frame

In the final chapter of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, a celebrated literary work published in the 1972, which is presented as a sequence of imaginary dialogue between a Venetian traveler Marco Polo and the Tartar emperor Kublai Khan, the narrator Marco Polo describes the city of Berenice to the great Kublai Khan as product of two opposing yet integral aspects of a city. On the surface, the visible Berenice, unjust and cruel to residents; while the hidden Berenice embodies just and complex network that keeps the city running smoothly.