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A holiday just for women

Starting from the wee morning hours of Thursday morning August 22, the town of Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray Regional State, was overwhelmed by the festival like feeling of Ashenda.

An emerging manufacturing hub

Once known as just a thriving tourist destination, Hawassa, capital of the Southern Regional State, has transitioned into an exciting city that is fast becoming a manufacturing hub, a feat that is changing the narrative of Ethiopia, now on the verge of becoming an industrialized nation.

Chasing false dreams of success

Located in the far north of Ethiopia, few kilometers away from the borders of Eritrea, Alitena is as remote as they come. A land of mountainous highlands, spacious, almost abandoned and sustained on the mercy of foreign missionaries and not far from Zaleanbesa, a broken city that has endured years of no-war-no-peace rule, the once capital of the Irob people of Tigray is a ghost town.

Hope turning grim

The road to Dewhan, the capital city of Irob woreda in the Tigray Regional State, is rough. It is one of the few roads that are not asphalt within the Tigray region. It is a town that has existed as a result of the mercy of Christian missionaries from abroad who had connected to the area on religious grounds.

Green Initiative takes flight Feature

In cities, villages, inside the compounds of diplomatic missions and higher educations; and those in between – gathered this week, to plant trees following in the footsteps of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD). There has been much interest in helping him realize a dream – as something of a national call for action.

Harsh realities of developmental disorder

With little information at hand, Bethlehem Tadesse began to suspect her first daughter was quite different than the rest of her children. Few years after she was born, her daughter began to have difficulty paying attention, was careless in her actions and had difficulties staying still.

The gem of Eastern Ethiopia

There is something about the City of Peace. Harar found some 500km outside of the capital, not far from Dire Dawa, is a mixture of color, diversity and history. Influenced by India and the Middle East and unique local culture, it’s known as one of the holiest Islamic cities, often referred as the City of Saints.

Ethiopia’s agricultural conundrum

Together with his communist leadership circle, which was close to Ethiopia’s military regime at the time, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev wrote a book, some 41 years ago, which begin with a saying: “Only let there be grain, and the songs will come of themselves”.