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Traveling art project animates Addis

Tibeb BeAdebabay, a travelling art project which is a creation of Goethe Institute to explore the ‘art side of Addis Ababa,’ was launched this Thursday around Dibab Restaurant, an iconic spot among students of Addis Ababa University (AAU) Sidist Kilo Campus. Designed to address the considerable interest in art sectors in Addis, the event consists of creative activities for people to take part in.

Art for the critical audience

The emergence of Contemporary Nights and Indie Film Screening, unique art venues in Addis, are designed for a niche audience who are tired of the ordinary art scene; and looking for something fresh.

Ethiopic script in digital realm

Even though digitization has opened up typography and allowed anyone with access to design software to create a unique typeface, Ethiopian languages and scripts have not yet joined the digital age.

Redefining modern art

The second chapter of Modern Art Museum: Gebre Kristos Desta Center’s “Min Neber?” featured Robel Temesgen’s Adbar, a study of physical spaces that embody spirits and their interaction with believers and inhabitants of the area.

Holiday feast: finding the right ingredients

There is a great deal of work to be done in preparation for a major holiday like Easter. From preparing doro wot (chicken stew) and the entire holiday feast and baking bread to cleaning the home and taking care of guests, it is a time of great stress and expenses.

Art under the stars

The outdoor art night named Mamsha, one of a kind in Addis Ababa, was launched at the lavish Lafto Mall on Tuesday. By all accounts, it was a cold night to hold an outdoorsy activity and the fire burning in barrels at either ends of the makeshift stage seems to have taken the weather into consideration.


Henok Melkamzer’s talismanic art ‘Min Neber?’ opened Tuesday March 20 at the Gebre Kirstos Desta Center Modern Art Museum. The exhibition featured works Henok has been working on for the past four years exploring the Ethiopian craft of Telsem.

Feeding the mind

Previous dogmas like ‘reading a book is a waste of time’, ‘could do better with your time instead of sitting and reading’, has been the most prevalent forms of perception that are used to discourage or ridicule peers in the quest of bettering ones-self.