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Berhanu Daniel’s ‘Mysterious Life Stroke’

Birhanu Daniel’s exhibition Mysterious Life Stroke opened on Tuesday March 20 at the Italian Cultural Institute. After graduating from Abyssinia Fine Arts Center and Teferi Meknonen Art School, Birhanu has participated in various group exhibitions including one still on view at Lela Contemporary Art Gallery.

Providing an alternative retail experience

The fashion elite and trend influencers of Addis along with various fashion lovers gathered on Sunday March 11 for the launch of NHY Brand Collection. The 1350 square meter large-scale store includes clothes for men, women, children, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

Celebrating cultural diversity, creativity

Thousands of people swarmed around the large and grassy compound of Mekonenoch Kibeb (Defense Force Officers’ Club) the past weekend to attend the second edition of the African Circus Arts Festival (ACAF). The Festival gathered prestigious circus teams from all over Africa to celebrate unity, cultural diversity, and creativity, writes Hiwot Abebe.

Women artists’ collaboration on March 8

An exhibition entitled Female Impressions in Art featuring the works of female artist who are members of the Association of Ethiopian Female Artists that was organized in cooperation with the Goethe Institute opened on March 7 on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The group exhibition consisted of 12 works by Birtukan Dejene, Ruth Ademasu, Kidist Berhane, Million Berhane, Rahel Ayele, Entihaj Abdella and Abezash Gebrewold.

Spicing it up with salsa

Addis Ababa is no stranger to salsa and other Latino ballroom dance steps including Bachata, merengue and cha-cha-cha. Almost every night of the week is tinted with Salsa dancing nights. Sunday Salsa nights at club Bailamos and Fridays at Echo Lounge are among the most prominent ones, Meheret-Selassie Mokonnen explores the salsa scene in town.

Harsh realities for IDPs

The Government of Ethiopia, together with development partners is saying that rehabilitating citizens displaced due to the conflict between the bordering areas of Oromia and Ethiopian Somali regional states is progressing.

Reality through virtual glasses

These days, virtual reality is applied to almost every sector including medicine, engineering, architecture, heritage preservation, marketing and video gaming. Virtual reality blew up on the art scene in recent years changing the whole concept of art and how it is perceived.

The grateful Korean gesture

Since 1995, South Korea via KOICA (Korean International Cooperation Agency), has spent millions on aid within Ethiopia, sent hundreds of volunteers to the most rural parts of the nation and has changed the lives of many in the process.