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Powerful critique into gender inequality

A 1.8-meter long wooden chopping board stands at the entrance of Lela Gallery. It is one of two wooden sculptures part of Mektefia #2. There are also 12 stone reproductions of cutting boards, reimagined anew and chiseled from large boulders excavated from Tafo.

Grim tales of rape told through victim’s clothes

“What She Wore”, an exhibition of clothes worn by rape survivors in Ethiopia, opened this week at the Addis Ababa Museum. The exhibition showcased the clothes of 15 women between the ages 7 and 20 when they were raped at various times.

Childcare options for working moms

Working mothers face difficult choices when they decide to go back to work and one of the most difficult is who to trust to look after their precious baby. Should they trust their maid or mother to look after their baby whilst they are at work or should they instead pay more for a qualified nanny or pre-kindergarten care?  Choices will of course be governed by the disposable income available to the family so the more expensive options are only available to the few and not the many.

The Asmarino coffee artist

The intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted coffee can be hard to resist. Perhaps it is what gets most people through the day. But have you ever considered using the deliciously warm brew in your cup to create a painting? Well, Tesfalem Atenaw did.  

European film week

European Film Festival officially began this Thursday at Vamdas Entertainment. The festival has been creating cultural exchange between Europe and Ethiopia for many years.

Asmara: out and about

The day starts early in the small locality of Accria, Asmara. The powerful calls of Adhan (calls to prayer) reverberate across town from multiple broadcasting mosques and serve as a communal alarm clock.