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15 dead in woldia, surrounding clashes: regional gov’t

15 dead in woldia, surrounding clashes: regional gov’t

The Amhara Regional State has disclosed today that the total number of people killed in clashes between the security forces and protesters in Northern Wollo towns has reached 15. This was announced in a statement released by the regional administration’s cabinet, today.

The clash began following an allegation of politically charged songs sang by protesters to which the security forces replied and demonstration turning violent.

Thirteen of the deceased are civilian residents of Woldia, Kobo and Mersa while the remaining two are members of the security.

Convening its condolences for the lives lost, the regional administration stated that the cause of the conflict were the piled up democratic and constitutional demands of the people as well as associated grievances which were not properly addressed in the past years. The regional government also said that it is committed to carry out the needed work to redress the grievances.

Restoration of peace and order to the mentioned areas is underway after discussing the issues with the residents and those suspected of causing damages to property are being brought before the court of law, the statement adds.

The statement also condemned the senseless act of violence against groups and individuals based only on thier thier ideology or identity and vowed to prosecute perpetrators in this regard.

Also denouncing the alleged disproportionate use of force by the security apparatus and the killing of protesters, the region vowed to undertake a high level investigation and they all will be hold those responsible to account, the statement read.