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ABH teams up with Harvard, looks to expand to Eritrea
Graduates duraing their commencement

ABH teams up with Harvard, looks to expand to Eritrea

ABH Partners – an affiliate of Jimma University based in the capital – is partnering with a number of international institutions, including with one of the world’s most prestigious universities, Harvard University, to help facilitate programs to the benefit of the local public service. The partnership was announced at the 4th graduation ceremony of Jimma University in Addis Ababa and the tenth year anniversary of ABH on Sunday.

The new partnership is to involve ABH and Harvard on the implementation of healthcare financing and achieving excellence in primary healthcare capacity work within Ethiopia. For ABH – established with the paid up capital of 2.5 million Birr (USD 250,000) in 2007 by prominent public health specialist including Markos Feleke (MD) – has helped hundreds of graduate students in the nation. The company is on the verge of opening shop in neighboring nations, including in Eritrea.

According to Markos, in the last decade alone, the company has been able to train and deploy approximately 3000 research assistants, more than 5000 health care workers and graduates, 1300 students in an array of professions including public health and business administration.

“We started in the public health sector, but this does not mean that we are limited to the public health sphere only,” Markos told the gathering on Sunday, attended by a slew of dignitaries including the newly minted Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Tekle Umma (Eng.) and Ethio-Telecom’s new CEO, Frehiwot Tamiru.

“As a developing nation, we have significant cross-cutting issues to tackle,” he said. “We have data but no information and we believe that if we are to do things differently, creatively and effectively; we need to understand ABH’s core competencies and continue to build an “ecosystem” of solutions and interventions that are based on knowledge and collaboration to be unique, transform and go further.”

During the ceremony, using the words of Nelson Mandela as inspiration – “It always seems impossible until it’s done”- award winning MBA student, Menen Agegnehu Gebre, an Engineer who received her first degree from Jimma University dedicated her degree to her late father.

“I have always intended to continue with my education, follow in the footsteps of my father who believed in the value of hard work. While he is not in the audience to celebrate my milestone, he is the reason why I have ultimately succeeded in attaining these heights,” she told The Reporter at the conclusion of the graduation ceremony.