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Abiy Ahmed: Ethiopia’s liberator

Abiy Ahmed has liberated Ethiopians from the authoritarian leadership of the TPLF. In contrast to TPLF, which exercised ethnic extremism, his party stands for a democratic nationalism.

They divided the nation for the sake of sustaining their power and it is now becoming a big challenge to unite the divided nation.

 They have embezzled tens of billions of dollars from the minute resource of the nation. They expatriated the resource they embezzled and invested in Dubai and other countries.

They were not democrats, developmental, revolutionary democrats nor democratic developmentalists. They simply practiced absolutism. They were more or less functioning as colonizers.

Their leadership harmed the people of Tigray that live in an extreme poverty. Part of the leadership was an anti-Ethiopian nationalist political force.

They divided the nation and sacrificed the national unity for their power.They repeatedly traded off the national interests of Ethiopia. Maintaining TPLF on power was too costly for the nation.

I have lately come to understand that the nation, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia had the worst form of political oppression during the last twenty seven years. Throughout the period they reigned, they were cowards that were insecure for their power.

The human rights violations in the regime were gross.

We have lost national unity, development, public trust and social trust in their regime. Power was monopolized by a few individuals. The nation has suffered its worst form of dictatorship from the leadership of TPLF.

The damage done to the nation in the last twenty seven years was grave.

The repressive TPLF regime has done every form of injustice on the people.

They deliberately weakened institutions including the opposition, the media, the judiciary, the military, the intelligence, the legislatures and the election board. They interfered in every discipline of professionalism.

The absence of democracy has harmed the nation as never before. They denied democracy to the people that are their own inherent liberty. The absence of democracy gave birth to bad governance that was characterized by a high level of corruption. As a result, the development of the nation was slowed down. The mega projects failed due to bad governance.

In their last days, the already rotting regime’s downfall was aggravated by the intervention of the military in the politics of the country. The interference of the military men in the politics was something that was against constitutionalism. There was anarchy in the ruling party. The public interest was secondary to their power for they consistently compromised it.

They took the shape of oligarchy (rule by the very few rich) in their final days. Politics was a profitable business for them while the majority of the people were living in abject poverty. Their political arrogance was heightened to its highest level.

The regime crippled constitutionalism to be dysfunctional. Rule of law was hampered. Unfair management of resources was the hallmark of the regime.

It was an ethnic apartheid as a whole. They exercised fascism in name of revolutionary democracy. Consequently, we lost everything we had under their leadership as Ethiopians. Favoritism prevailed over impartiality.

After they are removed from power they are haunting the political system of the nation.

This was the nasty regime Abiy Ahmed detached the nation from. He is a liberator for Ethiopians. We are now free from the ethnic apartheid system. We live in a nation where equality and freedom are guaranteed. Free speech is recognized and the new administration is committed to ensuring rule of law. There is a significant improvement in the implementation of human rights.

We are proud to be Ethiopians. It is our liberty to promote Ethiopianness as opposed to the political fashion that intensified ethnic division in the last twenty seven years.  Our unity is our strength.

We have equal access for opportunities. We are being treated equally. There is no first class citizen now. We are free and we will prosper together.

Ed.’s Note: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. The writer can be reached at [email protected]

Contributed by  Tagel Getahun