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Addis to host Shape Africa 2017

Addis to host Shape Africa 2017

Addis Ababa is set to host the latest edition of Shape Africa 2017 this week. “We are looking forward to a sleepless week with Addis Shapers and 100 plus shapers across the continent,” Hellen Kassa, a Global Shaper with Addis Shapers said.

According to the organizers, the gathering is to help facilitate an important discussion that will help shape the narratives of a diverse nation and a population that is about one billion from the perspective of youth.

“Global Shapers Addis Ababa asks (the) continent’s best and brightest to look inward at ourselves and onwards to a story of growth, driven by youth and based on integration, in which we are the authors.”

The three-day conference is to be partly hosted at the African Union and will have the delegates hear from emerging and established leaders and make visits the headquarters of Ethiopian Airlines. “The Addis Ababa Hub consists of thoughtful and committed young volunteers. Can’t wait to meet our guests”, the group said in a social media statement earlier today.

Addis Shapers is affiliated with the World Economic Forum and was founded in 2012.