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Addis pilots riverside park project

The Addis Ababa City River Side City Park Project has been launched on a pilot project basis on Thursday, February 21, 2019, at a place in front of Sheraton Addis in what has formerly been the Federal Police Garage and Sheraton Hotel expansion plot.

Although expected to attend the launch of the project, PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) was absent because of other “pressing issues.” Takele Uma (Eng.), deputy mayor of Addis Ababa, has unveiled the cornerstone for the launching.

Reminding the gathering that the place where the project is to be piloted was once a residence for hundreds who were taken to the outskirts of Addis Ababa leaving the place in the name of a better development, Takele said that they will now be vindicated by the fact that the place is being used for the betterment of the society.

The pilot project is to be implemented on 50 hectares of land with 2.5 billion birr allocated budget, to be completed within a year. Following suit will be the grand project covering a distance of 56 kilometers. The project which has no design but a concept plan of what the PM and the deputy mayor think, will be implemented by a company called Valnero. Valnero is also expected to do the designing.

Although not a new initiative to this old city, the riverside parks development had been incorporated in Addis Ababa’s 10th master plan for which a project office was once established. But, Takele’s technical advisor, Meskerem Tamiru, says that this will be a grand project that integrates all the fragmented activities the city administration has been implementing so far.

Even though the bigger project is set to follow the pilot project, Meskerem says that the others will not wait for the completion of the pilot project but will immediately follow. The entire project life is three years.