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Advisory teams to augment local policing

The Ministry of Peace (MoP) has prepared a manual for the active engagement of the community in advising the police on how to best protect the security of their localities and has trained the leadership of the Federal and Addis Ababa Police Commissions on the manual on Thursday, September 3, 2020.

The manual, which proposes the formation of an independent advisory team, was prepared under the auspices of the MoP for months. This round of training is the first of its kind to be provided on this specific subject.

Presented to the leadership of the Federal and Addis Ababa Police Commissions by Gashu Alemayehu, director for the rule of law and crimes prevention under the Ministry, the manual is said to draw volunteer members of the community to participate in policing practices. This is said to prevent crimes before happening.

Apart from the prevention of crimes, the participation is said to build trust and the team will serve as a bridge between the public and the security forces.

The manual dubbed “Independent Advisory Team Implementation Manual,” aims at enabling the police force to conduct its activities in a manner that considers the diversity in the society and serve its purpose accordingly.

For membership in the team, university graduates who are looking for a job are targets and those who will register voluntarily. Some parts of the country have started registering volunteers for this purpose.

These members of the advisory team are also tasked to educate the public on crime prevention.