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AEUP accuses the South of detaining its supporters arbitrarily
Mulugeta Abebe

AEUP accuses the South of detaining its supporters arbitrarily

The All Ethiopian Union Party (AEUP) has stated that its members and supporters are being subjected to arbitrary killings, gross human right violations and detentions in Gofa Zone of the Southern regional state.In addition, the party also demanded the government to take all necessary measures to stop these wrongdoings.

In its statement made on Friday, March 8, 2019 the party expressed its concern demanding a swift measure in the part of the government.

Subsequently, the party stated that as of September, 2018; 70 of its members have been detained arbitrarily in a prison located in the woreda.The detainees were in jail for about a month without appearing in front of court; apart from this, the detained were also in Sawla prison through a letter coming out form the justice of the woreda without getting a proper charge.

“Though the leaders of the party were trying to sort out the problem through discussions, the leaders in the woreda are not willing to discuss and sort out the issues via proper mechanisms.Rather, the leaders in the woreda want to pursue in their own rigid manner and keep on taking the same actions,” MulugetaAbebe, deputy chairman of the party told The Reporter.

Therefore, the party made demands to the government asking for such wrongdoings in the area to stop, bring all the perpetrators before the court and remove some security officers in the region particularly in the areas ofWolayta, Arbamich and Gofa.

Finally, the party extended its call to the government to take an immediate action to free its members who have been detained in the past six months without being charged.