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AEUP calls for intervention to stabilize market

The All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) in its latest press briefing stated that the recent price increment on the tenants of the Federal Housing Corporation is unacceptable and the price hike might be related to those groups trying to sabotage the ongoing reform. Hence, the government should discard the price increment unconditionally, the party requested.

The party presented its request at its head office on Thursday, December 27, 2018, for both local and international media. The briefing was delivered by Bezabeh Demisse (PhD) and Mulugeta Abebe, chairman and vice chairman of the party, respectively.

The party further stated that the recent price hike in different basic commodities like water, electricity and shortage of transportation is way beyond bearable, adding that, the government should act swiftly in order to address these demands of the public before the issues become turned into sources of calamity and chaos.

“At a time when commodities are very expensive and citizens are struggling to cover their basic needs, the price increment by the federal housing agency doesn’t consider the reality on the ground and might lead the public to an unnecessary disorder. Therefore, the government should take the action to revise and discard the decision,” leaders of the party highlighted.

The leaders of the party also advised the government that saboteurs might be behind the recent price hikes, shortages in the services of transportations, electricity and water irregularities. Hence, the government should take all the necessary measures including stripping the recent house rent increment by the corporation and providing a sound solution to the problems that are faced by the public in different parts of the country.

Apart from this, the leaders of the party stressed and called on the government to follow closely and control the activities of some greedy businessmen that are engaged in creating an artificial price increment on commodities and take some measures to stabilize the market.