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Agency penalizes three private colleges

The higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) has penalized three private collages for violating regulation which it says undermines the quality of educations being delivered, The Reporter has learnt.

The Agency,as of last week, issued a letter to three colleges located in Oromia and Amhara regional states, namely DandiBoru College, Micro Business College and HailuAlemu College.

In this regard, DandiBoru’s branch in Dessie was found out to bein a major violation when it registered students in Accounting and Finance fields without getting a quality assurance certificate from the Agency. The Agency after sending experts to the campuses have found out that the college has opened an Accounting and Finance department six months prior to fulfilling all the required quality assurances and getting the necessary approval.

After looking into this, HERQA, which is now led by AndulemAdmassie (PhD), former CEO of Ethio-telecom, has ordered the college to fulfill all the requirements and reinitiate the course program in the specific fields of study.

By the same token, a second private college, Micro Business College in Ambo was also found to be in violation where it has accepted students since 2018 in Economics field without the knowledge and permission of the Agency.

Dismayed by this violation, HERQA directed the aforementioned institutions to fulfill all the perquisites needed and let those students who are already attending classes finish the subject. However, the Agency at the same time has decided not to give the college a permission to register students in the field of economics in the coming two years.

Moreover, the Agency has issued similar penalties on HailuAlemu College, in FinoetSelam, Amhara regional state, which violated similar provisions by accepting students in Accounting and Finance without getting permission from HERQA.

Taking the same measures as it did for the other colleges, the Agency has order it to fulfil its responsibilities and let those students who are now attending classes to finish the subject. In addition, it has decided not to give the college a permission to register students in economics field for the coming two years.

HERQA, which was established to monitor and regulate higher education institutions, is supposed to have an updated database of students across the country. It was given a mandate to follow-up on the implementation of the circular.

Established in 2003 as a regulatory body, HERQA is responsible for overseeing the education sector.