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Amhara appoints new president as Gedu resigns

Amhara appoints new president as Gedu resigns

The Amhara  Regional State Council has appointed a new president, AmbachewMekonnen (PhD), afterGedu Andargachew submitted his resignation to the Council today, The Reporter has learnt.The announcement has come on Friday, March 8, 2019 after the ordinary meeting of the council of ADP.

The council, after looking into the request, has decided to accept the resignation. The reason for the resignation of Gedu, who led the region for he past six years, was not officially disclosed.

Subsequent tothe resignation, the Council has appointed Ambachew to be the president of the region. Ambachew, 48, was recently appointed as an advisor to the Prime Minister AbiyAhmed despite a number of speculations of his appointment as the president of the nation.

Before, Ambachew has served as a minister of Construction and Urban Development during the previousadministration of Prime Minister HailemariamDessalegn. He joined politics at a young age back in 1990 as a member of the then Amhara National Democratic Movement. Following this, he has served in different posts.

In his acceptance speech as the president of the region, Ambachew has promised to work on serving the interest of the Amhara region.

“I am proud to be appointed to this position,” he said. He said that he will work on ensuring law and order in the region and also promised to help those who are internally displaced in the region.

He also pledged to work on strengthening the relationship between the people of Amhara and Tigray. 

Similarly, the council has also appointed MegbaruKebede to be the Vice President of the region and YohannesBzayalew as Head of ADP’s secretariat.

Following the new reshuffling within ADP, Prime Minister Abiy and his team went to Bahir Dar to meet the new heads of the party.