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Another conflict hits Moyale

Just two months after the killing of nine civilians, Moyale, a town along the Ethio-Kenyan border, is rocked by a second round of violence this week, claiming the lives of a significant number of people.

The first round of the unrest in March 10, 2018 has claimed the lives of nine civilians in the area while leaving dozens injured. This conflict was said to be an immediate cause behind the flooding of close to 9,000 Ethiopians refugees to Kenya.

By the time, the State of Emergency (SoE) Command Post has reported that the killings of the civilians were “mistakenly” executed while trying to capture infiltrators of the Oromo Liberation Front. 

Yet, following the latest incident, the Command Post Secretariat Office, chaired by Defense Minister Mottuma Mekassa, has issued a statement which falls short of clearly identifying the perpetrators of the incident.

The Secretariat’s statement, however, noted that the latest unrest in Moyale has caused a significant level of causalities in terms of both civilian lives and property damages.

The statement, yet, fails to disclose the number of civilians who were affected as well as the amount of property damages sustained in the conflict.

While identifying the involvement of well-organized and armed opposing groups in the area which reportedly fought against one-another, the statement shies away from revealing the identity of the groups. 

The Secretariat further indicated that there is an illegal arms trafficking across the borders of the two countries which it stated is increasing from time to time.

In this regard, the statement has indicated that 142 Ak-47 guns, 11 hand grenades, 88 pistols and 17 very old guns were confiscated from various parts of the country by the command post.

The illegal arms trafficking have played significant role in fueling the violence both in Moyale town and other parts of the nation, reads the statement. 

The statement further reads that to mitigate the impact of illegal arms trafficking, the command post will continue to disarm and confiscate arms from illegal carriers.