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AU gets smart health center with Chinese support

AU gets smart health center with Chinese support

Following the Memorandum-of-Understanding signed by China and the African Union to cooperate on ICT and digital transformation last year, a new state-of-the-art Smart Health Monitoring Room was inaugurated at the AU headquarters with the presence of high dignitaries on Thursday.

Calling it a “highly innovative project”, the new additional center is to be a strategy to build a fully fledged smart medical health care system in the country  as well as across the continent within the next few years. The embassy called it a plan to bridge the shortcomings of the health care system in many fronts, including in the rural parts of the nation. 

“This will help us exemplify the spirit of innovation of better health”, Yankuba Kassama (MD) the Director of Medical and Health Services at AU said. “This is a great partnership, a great gesture between us and China”.

The project was funded by the Chinese government and cost about USD 100,000 USD and is to complement and modernize an already established clinic within the premises of the AU.

Chen Ning, first Counselor with the Chinese Mission to the African Union, this gesture is an endorsement of the belt and road Chinese strategy to work towards the establishment of the African Center for disease Control and Prevention that China has advocated for and it’s Premier endorsed last year in South Africa.

“Under the framework of the “Ten Major Cooperation Plans” between China and Africa announced by my president Xi Jinping in Johannesburg, China’s cooperation with AU is an important part of China’s cooperation with the African continent” said the Counselor.

“China will strongly support the Africa CDC and improve the well being of the African people. ZTE’s support of AU today in the field of medical and health services could also be regarded as tone of the small projects linking for the establishment of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention”.

Albert Muchanga, the Commissioner for Trade and Industry at AU highlighted the support of ZTE, the giant Chinese state owned telecom company and described the new partnership as one that will go a long way to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, fulfilling the vision of AU Agenda 2063 – an ambitious vision of transforming the socio economic needs of the continent within 50 years.