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Authority downplays poisoned water rumor

The Addis Ababa Water and Sewage Authority is downplaying rumors that spread in the capital over accusations that one of the city’s main sources of water is poisoned and is no longer fit for human consumption.

The new communication comes in defense of Addis Ababa’s water supply, including those located in Legedadi, Gefersa which are the water reservoirs, and one located in Kaliti that is an underground water supply are indeed safe as the city comes to a standstill as a result the current violence which came after the death of artiste Hachalu Hundessa from earlier this week.

“The rumors are false,” Zerihun Abate (Eng.) said as part of a media campaign to dispel the rumor on Friday. However, Ethiopia is not new to such rumors.

Just last year, during an uprising that occurred as a result of the removal of government securities belonging to controversial political figure, now imprisoned, Jawar Mohammed there was also such worries from residence as rumors spread that the water supply was poisoned but that proved too be untrue.

In addition, during the 2005 contested national elections, there was such happening putting much worry on a population with scarce water supply to begin with and much of it dependent on rationed water.

In the capital, trying to take advantage of the situation, several stores increased their prices for bottled water as many lined up to supply their needs. In Balderas area for instance, a one liter of water was selling for 23 birr, a sudden spike from its regular price of 15 Birr.