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Balderas rejects charges against leadership

In its latest presser, the Balderas for True Democracy (Balderas) has denounced terrorism charges brought by the prosecutor against its top members of the party including its founder and leader of the party Eskinder Nega, Sintayehu Chekol, another senior member of Balderas party, Keleb Seyoum, and Askale Demissie.

Eskinnder Nega, Sintayheu Chekol, and the two defendants were detained following the death of singer Hachalu Hundessa. Afterwards, prosecutors at the Federal High Court charged the defendants with terrorism and inciting violence last weekend.

To that effect, the party said that the terrorism charges against its leader’s manifests the political situation in the country is not changed and it’s also against the promise of the premier to widen the political space.

Apart from this, the party has expressed its concern that such actions will jeopardize the democratic process in the country. In this regard, the party reaffirmed that “The detention of its top members and terrorism charges, will not stop the party from its peaceful struggle. It rather strengthens the party’s commitment and struggle to build democratic political system,” the statement highlighted.

Similarly the party also urge the government to engage in “genuine” national dialogue in an effort to address the multifaceted problems of the country than charging politicians with terrorism in this regard the party downplayed the ongoing dialogue of the opposition parties and called the on the government to “invite other political parties with a different view than the one who are participating in the dialogue.”

The party also suggested that, if the government wants the ongoing dialogue between opposition parties be fruitful, groups should craft the agendas of the dialogue with different views than the incumbent, and it should also embrace participants from civic associations, elders, and religious leaders and scholars from the different field of studies mainly History, Politics and Law.

Balderas was initially launched as a civic society to safeguard the political and economic rights and interests of residents of Addis Ababa, but later was changed into a political party and was recognized by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) recently.