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Begging for your rights, begging for favors

Have you ever felt that you always need to beg and lament to get things done? Whether the thing is your right or a favor you are asking from a person, somehow things don’t get done for you without begging. Consider payments for your services for instance. Having been employed as a consultant in an international institution, I know what is like to beg to receive your payments on time. People who process your payments sit on your application for payment long enough for you to frustrate and start wondering if you actually ever going to receive your payments. Only after several nagging and reminders would they take your requests seriously and take actions. In fact, sometimes I think they finally take actions of fear that you may make serious complaints to their supervisors and not really because they feel your frustrations.

As most of us would agree, public sector services are the worst when it comes to the amount of begging you have to do to get the requested services. Actually, getting the right quality of service from a government institution without begging is rather the exception than the rule. So I do not even want to go deeper into there.

Have you ever asked a person for a favor? I am sure many of you have. And how often is it that the person you asked for a favor is very quick in giving you what you asked for? Forget being quick to give you what you asked for. How often is it that the person you asked is quick in giving you an honest and clear answer that they are not able to give you what you ask for? My experience tells me that such a person is very rare to find. Some people give you what you asked for, but they make you beg for it until you almost give up on them. The other kinds of people are those who know they will not be able to give you what you asked for but make you beg them to tell you so. Sometimes I have the feeling that saying no to a person is considered like a taboo in our society. These two kinds of people are the common kind I would say based on my experience. Only good people are quick to give you a response, either positive or negative. Sometimes I wonder what kind of satisfaction people derive from making people beg for favors or what for what is actually your right.

Personally, I do not like to make people beg for something that is their right or for a favor they asked me. Why? Because I simply put myself in their shoes. And I definitely would not want to beg for something. If it is possible for me to give them what they asked for, I try my best to be very quick to give it to them. And if I am not able to give what they asked for, I simply make it bold and clear that I cannot be at their service for so and so reason or that I will need time to give what they asked for with a proper justification. I am not saying this to praise myself. My objective is to show that the main reason which I believe make people make you beg you for something is because they do not picture themselves in the shoes of the person who is begging for their services. Or if they do, they do not care enough for your frustrations, and may even derive pleasure from your pleads. So, my point is, please let us not make people beg us for a favor or for what is their right!


Contributed by Tsion Taye
Contributed by Tsion Taye