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Blake Emergency concludes search of Boeing Max victims
The crash site of the ill-fated Boing 737-Max plane

Blake Emergency concludes search of Boeing Max victims

Blake Emergency Services, retained by Ethiopian Airlines several months ago, has finally concluded its search and has written to families of the doomed Boeing 737 Max Jet that crashed in route to Nairobi earlier this year; asking whether they want properties belonging to the deceased be handed to them or whether it should disposed them of on their behalf.

The United Kingdom based company and a self-described “expertise to deal with all aspects of Emergency Response Procedures and Contingency planning,” is said to have communicated with them via email.

According to sources, many of the family members are taking the first option, including the returns of body parts.

In related news, the wife of an American Army captain who was stationed in Canada is calling for the ban of the 737 Max Jet that killed her husband of one year and became the latest person to take Boeing to court. Antoine Lewis was one of the 346 victims of the doomed plane.

While Boeing is attempting to make amends with victims’ families, it has, however, been a challenge for them, including its latest offering of USD 100 million to families. Furthermore, it has reported its biggest loss earlier this week amid rumors it might halt production of the controversial plane.

“Boeing’s recent announcement of USD 100 million is a PR stunt to attempt to sway publics opinion and ignore the effect that it has on the true victims of Boeing’s greed and negligence,” Mike Andrews of Beasley Allen Law firm told The Reporter reflecting on the sentiments of the families he currently represents. “In the fine details, Boeing admits that the pledged money will be managed by Boeing, will be doled out piecemeal over many years, and will not be going directly to the families who have lost their family members.”