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Blue calls for the institutionalization of reforms

Blue calls for the institutionalization of reforms

Semayawi Party a.k.a. Blue calls on the government of Ethiopia to focus on building institutions to sustain the ongoing positive reforms in the country; the party expressed its concerns specifically with regards to the sluggish progress towards the reestablishment of democratic institutions such as the Electoral Board, Human Right Commission and the Institute of the Ombudsman, and the repealing of some legislations that hinders the democratization process in the country.

Blue calls up on the government implement the proposed measures swiftly and appropriately.

The party made the calls in a press briefing held on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, in its meeting hall located around Ambassador Cinema. The briefing was delivered by the chairman, vice chairman and head of the legal department head of the party.

Unlike the previous statements, this time around, the party leaders refrained from expressing blanket admiration and support for the reform process. To that end, they told the media that, in the past, they focused mainly on appreciating the ongoing reform drive in the country and at time pointed out the wrongdoings and offered their recommendations; however, the party still believes that irrespective of the wave of changes in the country the government is still moving at a sluggish pace in its effort to build democratic institutions and repeal repressive legislations.  

The party further stated; “Currently, the process of repealing those draconian laws and reestablishing the democratic institutions of the country is moving at a very slow pace and largely not in a participatory manner. And hence, the party urges the government to refocus its attention on these fundamental measures.”

Apart from this, Blue also expressed its concern over the rapprochement of Ethiopia and Eritrea; the party stated that even though the rapprochement between the two nations is a breakthrough for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, it should not be taken as the occasion for festivity and celebration. It is the belief of the party that this newly found relation with Eritrea should be conducted on the basis of international laws and in an institutionalized manner.

Similarly, the party welcomed the recent crackdown on officials of the former Metal and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) and high-ranking officials of the former all-powerful intelligence apparatus. However, the party expressed its desires to see this crackdown expand and continue to hold to account others who are responsible for the gross violation of human rights and grand corruption activities in the past three decades. And finally the party calls upon every citizens of the country to support this historical action and to do their part.