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Blue ceases its existence
Getaneh Balcha

Blue ceases its existence

In a bid to form a nationwide, unified and strong opposition political party together with other like-minded opposition parties; the general assembly of the Semayawi Party a.k.a. Blue has decided to cease the existence of the party as of December 30, 2018, Getaneh Balcha, vice chairman of the party told The Reporter.

It is to be recalled that Blue was in a series of negotiations and discussions with other opposition parties – Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy and Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) and members of the former Unity for Democracy and Justice such as Andualem Aragie and Girma Seifu to form a nationwide political party focusing on the politics of citizenship and social justice.

To this effect the party that celebrated its seventh year anniversary along with its general assembly last Sunday has decided to cease the existence of the party and to focus on the realization of the agendas that the newly established party wants to achieve in the political arena of the country.

The newly established party will be inaugurated on the first week of February 2019, the vice-chairman further told The Reporter.  

Recalling its engagement in different negotiations and consultations in the past two years, Getaneh says that the recent decision of merger with the two political parties and other prominent opposition political figures is the result of this effort.

A year ago, it was reported that Blue was in a discussion to merge with All Ethiopian Unity party (AEUP); however, AEUP is not part of the recent merger. In this regard, The Reporter asked the vice chairman, the current status of their discussion with AEUP.

“We are still open to work with any other party so long as they are willing to cease their existence. Of course we were in a discussion with AEUP to merge but they are not willing to cease their existence,” Getaneh explained.