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Blue shows solidarity with Addis residents

Blue shows solidarity with Addis residents

Blue Party has stated the need for a leadership that would represent the people of Addis Ababa based on their desires and demands, and will in turn be determined to promote the benefits of the people of the city for the advancement of democratic rights and freedoms throughout the country.

The party showed its solidarity with the residents of the city presented in its latest press briefing held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. The party stated that in recent weeks, the residents of Addis Ababa were subjected to an arbitrary detention despite their efforts and struggles to ensure a democratic political system throughout the country.

Even though the residents of the city were fighting hard against the authoritarian regime in the country paying a sacrifice to ensure democracy and freedom; their contribution has never received recognition. This concerns the party.

The party went on further stating that, though the people of Addis Ababa is the reflection of the languages, culture and history of Ethiopia; this nature of the people of the city is neglected and suppressed by different forces not to elevate its identity.

Apart from this, the party also stated that questions of the public throughout the country generally and residents of Raya, Korem, Alamata and Wolkait are not managed properly by both the federal and regional officials resulting in the loss of life. Therefore, the party denounced measures taken by the security forces in relation to these problems and the security forces should stop their disproportional measures to quench the questions of the people via force.

Similarly, the party also calls for a swift solution to the problems related to water and waste disposal which the old city of Harar has faced in the past months but worsened in recent weeks.

“What is more worrisome is that few youths who demanded payments of money in the areas have halted the flow of water to the city and denied waste disposal in their area making the problem more worrisome and the concerned body of the government should take an action to tackle the problem immediately,” the party requested.