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Brawl among Federal police results in deaths of four officers

Brawl among Federal police results in deaths of four officers

An unidentified man who is a member of the Federal Police Commission has been involved in a brawl which ended up costing the lives of four federal police officers, including his own, The Reporter has learnt.

The incident happened along Bole Road, around Wello-sefer area, where the residence of Members of Parliament is located. According to eyewitness accounts, the attacker opened fire on his fellow officers around midnight (Wednesday) and took the lives of three of his partners, before he was killed.

“We heard a fire exchange around midnight,” a resident near the crime scene told The Reporter. And we never thought this all happened because of a fight between police officers.

Apart from the three police officers who were killed while trying to disarm their partner; reports indicate that five more were injured during the exchange of fire. The officer was also said to have tried to hide in a government owned apartment in the area where Parliamentarians live.

During the incident, in addition to federal police who failed to control the situation, members of the paramilitary were also deployed.

According to an MP, the fire exchange began around 12:00 am and continued till early morning. The attacker hid in the apartment and opened fire from there. During the fire exchange cars that belong to MPs were also damaged. The motive behind the attack is not yet clear and police are yet to disclose the details.

Till early morning, the main Bole Road, African Avenue, was closed for traffic and opened after a few hours.

The attacker was finally neutralized after the deployment of the national defense forces, according to an eye witness who works as a security guard in the aforementioned apartment compound. The incident occurred at a time where the MPs are coming from their constituencies after months of recess.

So far, the police have not yet disclosed the identity of the assailant police officers.