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Businessmen donate 150 oxen to military amid government’s law enforcement measures

Two businessmen, Worku Aytenew and Belayneh Kinde, on Tuesday donated 150 oxen to the National Defense Forces and the Amhara Region Special Force in support of law enforcement measures being taken by the government.

Out of the total oxen, 100 have been donated by Worku Aytenew, while 50 are from Belayneh Kinde. Worku Aytenew also extended his support with 200 quintals of wheat flour to the military and the Amhara Region Special Force.

The support is said to amount to more than 4 Million Birr.

Representatives of Worku Aytenew and Belayneh Kinde, Sisay Taddesse and Asmamaw Alene, handed over the cattle to the regional logistics support mobilization committee in Gondar City.

They pledged continued support until the government accomplishes law enforcement measures it has been carrying out against the TPLF rebel group.

Bantihun Mekonnen, Deputy Chief Administrator of Central Gondar, said the contribution indicates how the community is supporting the law enforcement measures being taken by the government to ensure law and order. (FBC)


Israeli locust task force arrives in Ethiopia

Israel has deployed a special locust fighter taskforce to support efforts by Ethiopian authorities in fighting the locust swarms that hit the country, the worst in 25 years.

During the past few months, Ethiopia faced an overwhelming invasion of desert locust swarms that damaged crops and pasture fields in many regions.

Following the request by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabi Ashkenazi deployed an ad-hoc task force of locust fighters and experts to help control the spread of the swarms in the country.

The Embassy of Israel in Addis Ababa is leading the operation, in coordination with the Ethiopian concerned bodies, the embassy said in a press release.  

Israel’s top locust expert, Yoav Mortro heads the taskforce, which includes three additional members who specialize in different fields.

The task force is planned to operate for two weeks, training more than 200 Ethiopian locust fighters and stakeholders, the embassy noted. (ENA)


Ethiopia to host World Telecommunication Dev’t Conference for first time in Africa

Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MoIT) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have signed an agreement that will enable Ethiopia to host the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-21) for the first time in Africa. It will be held from November 8-19, 2021.

Innovation and Technology State Minister, Ahmedin Mohammed and ITU Secretary-General, Houlin Zhao, signed the agreement on Monday.

During the virtual signing ceremony, Ahmedin said Ethiopia is hosting the conference for the first time in Africa and it is a testament to Ethiopia’s and Africa’s prioritization of digital development as a springboard for sustainable development.

The Government of Ethiopia has shown a commitment to digital transformation by endorsing the country’s first digital transformation strategy in June 2020, followed by a series of regulations, including a proclamation on electronic transaction, he noted.

According to him, the approved Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy that enhances inclusivity, identifies pathways of unleashing value from agriculture, the next version of global value chain in manufacturing, building IT enabled services and digitalizing tourism competitiveness. (ENA)


Ministry plans to launch cattle beam balance

Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (MoANRM), on Wednesday, announced that it has been working to launch the selling of cattle by measuring weight.

Obsa Fana, Director of Market Infrastructure Development Directorate with the Ministry, told The Ethiopian Herald that the Ministry imported 33 cattle weighing beam balance, measuring instrument, and distributed it to all states to implement the plan in collaboration with the Regional Pastoral livelihood Resilience Project (RPLRP).

He said the instrument will be found only at anchor market centers and the Ministry has been creating awareness among farmers and pastoralists on how to use it.

He underscored that selling weighed cattle enables farmers sell their animals for a reasonable price without the interference of brokers.

For him, the plan is very helpful to get better revenue from cattle through exporting them in a transparent way.

He further said that the Ministry has been mechanizing the market system and constructing different modern cattle selling market centers in regional states and in Addis Ababa. (The Ethiopian Herald)


Horn in Brief

Accor grows portfolio in Africa with signing of three properties in Djibouti

Accor (, a world-leading augmented hospitality group, is expanding its footprint in Africa after signing a management agreement with Kamak Investment to manage its first properties in Djibouti.

As part of its ongoing development strategy to expand its presence in sub-Saharan Africa, Accor is setting foot, for the first time in Djibouti, with the launch of three hotels under three different brands, namely Pullman Living, Novotel and MGallery.

The group is partnering with Kamaj Investments. Initially created as a real estate agency, the founder, Houssein Mahamdoud Robleh diversified his business activities over the years, covering different industries including security, maintenance, temporary work and the press.

During the past eight years, the Kamaj Group expanded its real estate focus and invested in the central market of Riyad, of which it is the private concessionaire and acquired two hotels.

Accor's Africa portfolio currently comprises of 163 properties (26,250 keys) with another 81 hotels (15,989 keys) in its development pipeline, growing its presence to 25 diverse brands. (HospitaliteNet)


Disputes threaten Somali national elections time frame

The International Crisis Group (ICG) said on Wednesday, Somalia is getting behind schedule on conducting parliamentary and presidential elections. 

The Brussels-based research organization said the process is threatened by disagreements and the lack of a mechanism to handle disputed election results. It’s calling for term extensions to avoid political conflict.

The Somali government’s plan to hold elections by February is facing resistance from opposition groups displeased with the choices to represent their clans in the first round of voting.

Somalia holds indirect elections in which clans choose members of parliament through special elections and the representatives in turn elect the President. The people elect 275 lawmakers and 59 senators.

Omar Mahmood, a Somali analyst for ICG, said the disagreement could affect the electoral process and would be difficult with the timeline in place.

Another problem is the composition of proposed committees to handle electoral disputes.  The central government and Somalia’s federal member states agreed to appoint the committees together. But a statement issued on Tuesday said 12 of the candidates are affiliated with the ruling government. (VoA)


First official Israel delegation to visit Sudan next week

Israel is planning to send its first official delegation to Sudan on Sunday to start talks about establishing diplomatic relations based on the normalization deal announced last month, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The two countries will discuss, according to the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, a package of cooperation deals to "achieve the mutual interests of the two peoples."

When the US President Donald Trump announced that the two countries had reached a normalization deal, he said the deal would cover agriculture, trade, aviation, and migration issues.

Meanwhile, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted a Sudanese official as saying that Israel had filed an application for Israeli civil aircrafts to fly over Sudanese airspace. The paper added that authorities in Sudan said they are looking into the case.

Sudanese authorities claimed that the US would not remove Sudan's name off the blacklist of countries that support terrorism, if they do not agree to normalize ties with Israel. However, days after the deal was announced, President Donald Trump renewed a state of emergency against Sudan. (Reuters) 


Taiwan to send aid team to Somaliland

Taiwan will send a development aid team to Somaliland this month to work on agriculture, telecom, and health projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced on Tuesday.

MOFA’s opening of an office in the East African nation’s capital of Hargeisa in August was seen as a major breakthrough for Taiwan’s diplomacy. Somaliland, diplomatically isolated in the Horn of Africa, opened an office in Taipei on September 9, but official recognition has not been on the cards yet.

By the end of November, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) will send an aid team to the country to open an office as a base for work to start in early 2021, according to CNA.

A four-member delegation has already been scouting the area and preparing work on projects involving increased production of vegetables and fruit, improvements in the government’s use of information technology, and healthcare for infants and pregnant women. (Taiwan News)