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CAF holds safety and security workshop

CAF holds safety and security workshop

The Confederation of African Football Federation (CAF) has hosted its first ever safety and security workshop on October 14-15, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. Security officers from 54 member associations have participated to build on the principles established by the introduction of CAF’s safety and security department last February.

Organized with the support of the FIFA forward program, it has aimed at improving match safety and security for all.

According to the statement released by world football governing body, the FIFA forward program has supported the organization of the two-day workshop.

“We need to use football to unite people all over the world and especially in Africa.This is a historical workshop for Africa and your participation is very important. Let’s make history and let’s make football safe and secure,” Helmut Spahan,FIFA director of Security said to the attendees of the workshop.

Furthermore, the topics raised included challenges faced by security officers, the importance of planning and execution in all matches and the necessity for up-scaling. During the conclusion of the workshop, CAF President Ahmad Ahmad has presented security officers with certificates.

“This workshop has been revolutionary in terms of safety and security at football matches for our continent and it is a very positive step forward,” Ahmad said adding, “Security has been one of my major concerns since my assumption of the CAF presidency and I’m very conscious that we still have lots of work to do in this regard.”

“Football should be a pleasure to watch and play without security concerns. I encourage all of you here today to put into practice, the knowledge and skills you have taken from this important workshop to your respective countries,” He added.

FIFA’s statement also elaborated that the key achievement of the workshop was the presentation of CAF’s Safety and Security Regulations, which will apply to CAF competitions and events going forward.

“It is our hope that in the coming years we can organize more events all over the continent,” said Christian Emeruwa (PhD), CAF Director of Safety and Security. “I’m satisfied with the outcome of this groundbreaking event.” He said.