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Canada-based NGO pledges 192 mln birr

Canada-based NGO pledges 192 mln birr

Cuso International, a Canadian based NGO, is pledging more than 192 million Birr to help promote access to education for girls in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region.

“Cuso International has a long history of supporting education around the world. This project will enhance academic, social and soft skills for adolescent girls, including those with disabilities, and strengthen the capacity of teachers and education institutions to deliver quality and gender-sensitive education,” Glenn Mifflin, Cuso International CEO announced.

The project is to target those between the ages of 15 to 25 years within seven districts, including Assosa, Bambasi, Maokomo Special Woreda, Mandura, Pawi and Sedal woreda, focusing on adolescent girls, including those with disabilities.

“The practice of sexual and harmful traditional practices begins against women from their early childhood, while men are supported to have skills in economic development, leadership and politics. Women have limited opportunities to get uninterrupted education,” Solen Abera, Lecturer and Gender Focal Person in the Faculty of Health Science at Assosa University told The Reporter.

“The U-Girls 2 project will help address some of the disparities existing in girls’ access to education. That, in turn, will contribute to better participation of women in leadership and politics in the region,” she added.

According to Cuso, 16,500 people will directly benefit from the program and is “expected that through outreach activities, the social mobilization and other gender sensitization campaigns, the program will reach around 100,000 people.”

The Ottawa based organization is dedicated in fighting poverty and inequality in the world, and has promoted and funded extension workers throughout the nation. Founded in 1961, Cuso is known to dispatch professional volunteers throughout the world and help build a mechanism to strengthen capacity building. In the last decade, it has begun to specifically recruit Ethiopian-Canadian professional volunteers in collaboration with Canada based Ethiopian organizations.