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Canadian PM pushes his planned visit to Ethiopia

Canada’s Justin Trudeau has cancelled his long-planned trip to Ethiopia, The Reporter has learned from sources within Global Affairs of Canada, in Ottawa. This comes as 23rd Prime Minister is facing a slew of substantial allegations at home over political meddling inthe case of a major Canadian engineering company with connections to Ethiopia.

The scandal cost the jobs of his closest political advisor and his pioneering aboriginal Attorney General and sees his prospect for re-election suffer.His once formidable poll numbers go by as much as 10 percent, giving way to the Trump-like opposition a chance to govern the nation and forcing the socialist third party to divide the vote during the expected October general election.

“As discussed, including during their call late 2018, the interest for both to meet absolutely remains, Canada’s ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union,” Antoine Chevrier told The Reporter. “That said we don’t have a specific and exact dates yet”.

SNC-Lavalin, which has a deep connection with Canada’s Liberal Party and significant business interest within Ethiopia, including with Yara International in Ethiopia for engineering, procurement and construction management in Ethiopia, was due to be criminally pursued and members of the Prime Minister’s office were said to pressure his one-time Attorney GeneralJudy Wilson-Raybould not to go-ahead with prosecutingthe company over its alleged dealings in Libya, allegedly involved in using bribes to win favorsin the now war-torn nation.

In a phone call with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), Trudeau, the elder son of the colorful late Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, had been invited to visit Ethiopia as an endorsement of the recent reforms that are taking place in the nation after he called Abiy in November. He had called to congratulate him on having a feminist agenda and forging peace with its once arch-enemy, Eritrea.

The Prime Minister had also confirmed toThe Reporter, in the midst of the Paris Peace Forum in France last year, of his planned visit of the country.

Canada is more known for its humanitarian gesture within Ethiopia, with minor business interests. There has been few visits of Canadian politicians and dignitaries since the Prime Minister won his first election in 2015, including by its Defense Minister, HarjitSajjan and junior ministers Omar Alghabra and Marie-Claude Bibeau, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, respectively.