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Case Tec Gesellschaft interested in joining green energy sector in Ethiopia

German company Case Tec Gesellschaft has shown interest to engage in green energy development, Zero Waste Recycling Technology producing diesel from waste substances in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Federal Republic of Germany Ambassador Mulu Solomon discussed with CEO and Founder of Case Tec Gesellschaft (CTG), Andreas Herrmann on the potential investment and trade cooperation on construction and energy sectors.

During the discussion, the Chief Executive Officer expressed interest of his company to engage in green energy and construction sectors such as innovative Bungalow and Facade Technology as well as production of diesel from waste.

Trade opportunities on semi-processed and processed Bamboo and marble products as well as high tech machinery in construction and energy sectors have also been discussed during the discussions, Ethiopian Embassy in Germany stated.

Case Tec Gesellschaft is a cooperation of some German Innovative construction companies and a Swiss Bank in environment-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable construction solutions. (FBC)

Indigenous trees given due attention in green legacy initiative

The Ethiopian Biodiversity has given special attention to planting of indigenous tree seedlings in the Green Legacy Initiative.

Director General of the institute, Melesse Maryo stated that indigenous tree seedlings will be planted in every woreda during the next years as part of the Green Legacy initiative that aspires to plant 20 billion seedlings by 2024.

Indigenous trees have paramount significance for the stabilization of the climate and benefit communities more than the exotic ones, the director-general stated.

Melesse said the institute has planted over six hundred thousand indigenous tree saplings a year over the past five years against its plan of 1 million adding it will plant 10 million in the next two and half years.

The institute with close to a dozen branches across the nation has several in situ forest sites, ex situ forest field gene banks, and few botanical gardens to conserve various species, Melesse added. (ENA)

Ethiopia, France sign 20 EUR mln grant agreements

The governments of Ethiopia and France have signed two grant agreements amounting to 20 million Euros on Thursday July 16, 2020.

Finance Minister Ahmed Shide and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Country Director Valerie Tehio signed the agreements.  

According to Ministry of Finance, the first 12 million Euros grant agreement will be used to partially finance phase I program of the renovation and opening of the National Palace.

The second grant agreement, amounting to 8 million Euros, will be used to support the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) MSMEs Development program, which is part of the Agriculture Commercialization Cluster (ACC) program that has been supported by other development partners, such as the Danish and Dutch Embassies and the European Union, the ministry added.

The National Palace renovation program is introduced based on the joint declaration entered between the two governments on March 12, 2019 on heritage cooperation and has three phases. (ENA)

Court Allows 13 additional days for police to investigate Jawar Mohammed

Lideta Federal First Instance Court has given the police 13 additional days for investigating the alleged criminal Jawar Mohammed.

A federal police crime investigation team presented the investigation it carried out during the past 14 days today.

Police claimed that the suspect was involved mainly in inciting ethnic and religious conflicts.

Besides, he led an armed group that snatched the corpse of the popular singer Hachalu Hundessa from the family forcefully to take it to the office of Oromia Prosperity Party.

At the premises of Oromia Prosperity Party one police was killed and three injured following the order given by Jawar Mohammed.   

The police also said that it has collected telephone exchanges and witnesses which prove that he was behind the chaos inciting different quarters to rise up and attack.

The police further explained that he had incited violence around Addis Ababa and in some parts of Oromia in which 181 people died. (ENA)