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Celebrated Olympians enter a tug of war

Celebrated Olympians enter a tug of war

The four time Olympic champion Mo Farah and Ethiopia’s great Olympian and celebrated entrepreneur, Haile Gerbreselassie are in a tug of war over accusations of theft that occurred inside Haile’s Yaya Village, in the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

The Reporter has since learned that Mo has been accused of beating an aspiring Olympian, 22 year old DagmaiwtKibru and that he and his entourage has displayed a disgraceful conduct during his stay in the hotel. He is also known to have had run-ins with the law, including the police attempting to charge him with a criminal offense when he fought with Dagmawit, according to a statement that Haile’s agent sent to the BCC after Mo lodged countless accusation against him and his establishment.  

According to sources, the fight started by a sudden outburst by Mo unexpectedly.

The British Somali citizen alleges that his watch, two telephones and some foreign funds were stolen from his room.

"Just to be honest, it's Haile who owns the hotel and when you stay for three months in that hotel, it was very disappointing to know that someone who has that hotel and that kind of support couldnot do anything," said Farah, who had been training in Ethiopia.

In a belated response, Haile said that, the Olympian is “blackmailing” him and is defaming him and his business.

The alleged theft took place on March 23rd.