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Celebrating with Shafeta

Celebrating with Shafeta

One of the polling stations for the Sidama Referendum is Hiwot Birhan polling station in Hittata Kebele located in Tabor Sub city of Hawasa town. The polling station is situated in front of the residential house of one of the top officials and Cabinet Member of SNNPR, Kare Kawicha, who was the former Chief Administrator of Sidama Zone and State Minister of Environment and Climate Change, before the Ministry was downgraded to a Commission Status.

During the Polls [on Wednesday 20th November 2019), Kare welcomed his fellow Sidama politicians to his residence, after ballots were casted for the referendum, to dine in the famous Sidama Traditional dish, Shafeta.

Kare’s guest of honors included Dessie Dalke (the Former Chief Administrator of SNNPR, Million Matheos, Former Chief Administrator of SNNPR, Desta Ledamo, Current Administrator of Sidama Zone, Tiratu Beyene, Current Deputy Mayor of Hawasaa, Yonas Yosef, top official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abrham Marshalo, Head Of Urban Development of SNNPR, and other dignitaries in southern Ethiopia political circle were present.