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China dispatches MDs, donates medical equipments
Visiting Chinese doctors examining patients at Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital

China dispatches MDs, donates medical equipments

The Government of the People’s Republic of China donated medical equipment worth over a million birr and dispatched dozens of medical doctors to Ethiopia this week.

Most based from the People’s Hospital of Henan Province, in mainland China they visited the Trauma Treatment, Maternal and Child Health Center of the Tirunesh – Beijing Hospital, a medical facility found in the Akaki-Kality Sub City, in the outskirts of the capital and preformed both medical examinations and light surgeries.

Built by the Chinese government, the public hospital is now the biggest health facility within Akaki, serving thousands of residents and beyond.

“The Henan Province started sending medical teams to Ethiopia as far as 46 years ago and the team members have all developed friendship with the Ethiopian people,” said Yang Xiuyi, the head of the China based Medical Experts Group from the People’s Hospital. “We have all developed deep friendship with Ethiopians and I am gratified by the fact the hospital’s working processes and management is becoming standardized.”

Some of the donated items were, electrocardiograph monitors and neurosurgical drills, with an RMB of 190.000 and are said to improve its performance in a number of areas. The doctors also had a chance to visit the Kality Elderly Care Center and a nearby orphanage.

“It is hoped the medical capacity of the hospital will be brought to a higher level and the friendship between Ethiopia and China will be everlasting”, Yang added.

Ethiopia and China continue to enjoy an enduring and growing relationship and the later has been credited the many infrastructures that are being built within the country. 

The bilateral trade between Ethiopia and China is now worth over USD five billion. Ethiopia, like most Africa nations continue to rely on the loans of China to fund some of its infrastructures and most of the major projects in the country, such as roads, the new airport and the industrial parks across the country are contracted to Chinese firms. The nation also relies on Chinese made affordable goods and many people have ventured in the country, benefiting from generous scholarships and economic opportunities.