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China donates food aid worth ETB 200 mln

China donates food aid worth ETB 200 mln

China has donated food aid to Ethiopia worth more than 200 million Birrin a ceremony attended by its ambassador to Ethiopia, Tan Jian, the Ethiopian State Minister of Finance Admasu Nebebe, and the Commissioner of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission, Mitiku Kassa.

Both nations hailed the growing bilateral relationships on both trade and aid, with the later as a strategy to help alleviate the food shortages of the nation in the midst of unrest and displacements.

“Frequent regional conflicts gave rise to a sharp rise in the number of refugees and internally displaced People (IDPs). In the first half of this year, the number of IDPs in Ethiopia reached a record high of nearly 3.2 million,” the ambassador said at the handover ceremony on Friday. “Ever since the onset of the climate disaster in 2015, China has been standing side by side with Ethiopia. The Chinese government has provided around USD 60 million worth of food assistance to Ethiopia, both bilaterally and via the World Food Program, including USD 8 million given to UNICEF for nutrition food for women and children in Ethiopia.”

According to the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) of the World Food Program, 8.3 million people face shortages of food, every year. This latest assistance comes on the hills of China’s Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that took place in Beijing earlier this year.It highlighted the need to provide assistance of aid to Ethiopia as the country embraces trade with the nation, in charge of building major infrastructure projects, including airports and industrial parks.

According to the ambassador, China acknowledges the root causes of famine within the region to be regional conflicts, and poverty eradication and climate change as its greatest challenge.