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Chinese manufacturer plants foot in Ethiopia

Chinese manufacturer plants foot in Ethiopia

Wondfo JCC, a division of GUANGZHOU WONDFO BIOTECH CO., LTD, a China based company is opening-up shop in Ethiopia partnering with REY Import and Export PLC, Delta Instrument Technology PLC and EZM,local Ethiopian enterprises.

Involved in areas of research, manufacturing and sales of point-of-care testing (POCT) instrument, POCT reagents and related products,is a noted international manufacturer with operations in China –its home base, in the US and over three-dozen African nations. The Ethiopian operation will be a manufacturing hub.It is the first of its kind in the continent and is set to complement its distribution center in Nigeria.

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is a delivery option for performing laboratory testing closer to the patient specifically devices that are more portable, require less blood, and have computerized information management. 

Established 27-years ago, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company is known as a manufacturer of Rapid Test Kits which are applicable for a variety of tests includinginfectious diseases, fertility, tumor marker, and alcohol testing.

“The partnership is about being able to provide excellence in distribution and after sales service which will boostthe predictability and availability by manufacturing the product inas closera proximity to the end consumer as possible and thereby render maximum benefits for all stakeholders and the society as a whole,” the company said in a statement. “Among the direct benefits,to name a few, we find substantially decreased environmental footprint caused by extensive sea or airfreight, continuous supply of reagents and services, flipping the foreign currency demand with net earnings for Ethiopia as over 30 African countries will be supplied from Ethiopia, and the technical and managerial knowledge transfer.”

The company was inaugurated at Sheraton Addis yesterday in the attendance of dignitaries from China and within Ethiopia, including diplomats and government officials. The presence of China in the manufacturing industry in Ethiopia, especially in Industrial Parks has continued to grow and make Ethiopia the manufacturing hub of the region.