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CMC overpass undergoes design revision

CMC overpass undergoes design revision

The CMS Overpass Bridge, which is under-construction and originally designed to connect Yerer to Gorro to CMC, has been revised to connect more feeder roads and pad footing even though it is halfway into completion, The Reporter.

It is to be recalled that the construction of the project was awarded to Orchid Business Group, a local construction firm owned by Akiko Seyoum, a prominent businesswoman in Ethiopia.

The structural changes to the overpass target the connection of the bridge to many feed roads, which would go a long way to alleviate the notorious traffic jam that the route is known for, the authority said in a statement.

According to the information obtained from the Addis Ababa City Road Authority (AACRA) the project was delayed from the original plan due to challenges relating to right-off-way and design changes.

The overpass bridge is 660 meter in length and has 35 meters width. Originally, the project design was prepared to pass over the railway with two pad footings carrying the bridge. However, it was discovered that building a pad footing near the railway line is difficult prompting a design revision.

On Wednesday, the authority said in a statement that it has changed the design from pad footing to a balanced Kant lever.

The revised design has not affected the progress of the ongoing construction and it rather offers an alternative pedestrian road access as well as reducing the existing traffic jam in the area.

The bridge construction has a financial outlay of 181 million birr and upon the completion of the project, the bridge will have more feeder roads that connects CMC area with Wondirad (across Kotebe Road) while it intersects Gurd Sholla- CMC-routes that goes to Gorro and further to Yerer.

Currently, 64 percent of the project has been completed. The authority also believes that the remaining part of the project will be completed within the coming six months and will be open for traffic, the authority said.