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Commission pilots drought early warning system
Ultimo CEO, Measho Geber explaining early warning system to the workshop participants

Commission pilots drought early warning system

Ultimo ICT & GIS Solution, a private IT company, commissioned a pilot project of a new system designed to deal with National Disasters, this week.

The system: Early Warning Information Communication Feedback System (EWICFS), mainly financed by Oxfam GB, will be first implemented as a pilot project in six weredas across, Tigray, Oromia and Southern regional states in the coming one month.

The entire project was commission by Natural Disaster and Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) under the financial backing of Oxfam GB to equip itself with the capacity to manage natural disasters.

In addition, the whole project which will be applied in all weredas across the country is worth 40 million to 50 million birr. It is expected to be finalized in the coming six months.

This project will be implemented in partnership with Christian Aid and it is part of Ethiopia’s effort to have Improved Early Warning – Early Actions (EWEA) System which is intended to strengthen disaster Preparedness in Ethiopia under its Disaster Emergency Preparedness Program (DEPP).

Ethiopia’s DRM policy and strategy envisages development of “Area Specific, Multi

Hazard, Multi Sector Early Warning System (EWS) linked with Wereda Disaster

Risk Profiles (WDRP)” to enable communities and government machineries to initiate timely emergency response.

The Policy which was designed four years ago is an amendment to a similar National policy on disaster prevention and management which was introduced in 1993.

The main objective of the Policy is to reduce disaster risks and potential damage caused by a disaster through establishing a comprehensive and coordinated disaster risk management system in the context of sustainable development, reads the policy.

This new ICT project financed by OXFAM is a part of the plan to support the country’s improved Early Warning System Development with ICT.

In this regard, this system by Ultimo will provide early warning information, alerts, communication messages, and proposed emergency/development responses based on time and relevance.

The system including components such as Flood, Crop, Livestock, Conflict as well as Food Insecurity Monitoring Sub System.

This system will provide information which will help to take early measures before disasters got worse, Measho Geber, CEO of Ultimo, told The Reporter.

Established six years ago as a company, Ultimo is currently involved in different projects. It is, currently, involved in areas such as Hardware & Network Infrastructure, Storage service and data center and GIS services are few to mention.