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Commotion and injuries taint anticipated concert

Brawls and isolated conflicts are common in music concerts but rare before entering concert venues. Last Saturday’s My Generation concert by the rising electronic musician Rophnan Nuri saw some concert-goers bruised and trampled while waiting in line to enter Ghion Hotel.

The incident took place following delays to begin the performance and hundreds waiting to enter the venue before Rophnan took the stage.  The main roads were closed due to the number of people waiting in line but the sudden removal of barricades and the subsequent rush of traffic shocked many. Police officers and those on guard closed the venue and denied entry to many that had already bought tickets.

Following Saturday’s incident, Rophnan issued anapology the following day, condemning the acts of the police and stating he will make sure the voices of the victims are heard.

In a later post, he stated that the venue was at capacity but ticket holders unable to attend the concert due to the commotion will be able to attend another performance this Saturday. Ticket sales were conducted with Dashen Bank’s Amole system so the Rophnan team and EML events will be contacting these fans directly with more details.

This is not the first time such violence took place. Attendants of Damien Marley’s concert last year at Ghion Hotel were also refused entry and police officers on duty had gone to the extent of violently beating concert goes. The chaos that followed led to many falling on the ground and getting trampled by those running from the guards.

The safety of attendants interested in enjoying the festivities should be paramount to both the venue and the organizers of concerts. Ticket sales that account for spatial capacity of the venue and measures that ensure the safe and timely entry and exit of concertgoersshould not be lessons event organizers in the city have to learn again.