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Corporation to Develop Investment Projects on Public Landholdings

To Float bid to secure concept design for the projects

The newly established Land Bank and Development Corporation announced its plans to issue expression of interest to secure a concept design for a project that will be developed to investment projects on landholdings of federal government offices.

The competition will be launched for the redevelopment of federal landholdings in Addis Ababa located along the “Bole–Entoto” and “Lagar–city hall” strip.

Branded as Revamping Sheger, the concept design competition will be launched a week later, according to the Corporation, which became operational last year in order to develop, administer and manage federal government landholdings.

An expression of interest will be floated as of February 17, 2021, while bidders are expected to submit their documents within 30 days, said the Corporation, which plans to end the competition within 60-days’ time.

“The design concept competition will help us develop the landholdings with the private sector and come up with investment ideas with strong foundations that align with our current needs,” said Lensa Mekonen, CEO of Land Bank and Development Corporation.

Firms, including those established by multidisciplinary professionals and team of individuals, all of which should be willing to compete on a minimum on three competition hubs, are eligible to express their interest for the concept design competition.

The Corporation has selected five hubs, which the investment project will implement. The first hub covers federal offices and landholdings of Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority at Bole (WeloSefer). The second hub includes public landholdings found from WoloSefer to Bole Dembel, where the Ethiopian Investment Commission is located, and from there to Ghion Hotel is the third hub selected by the corporation.

The fourth hub covers landholdings from Ghion to the Ministry of Education and the last Hub will cover landholdings from Arat Kilo (Ministry of Education) to Sidist Kilo (Planning and Development Commission). 

“As the corporation is tasked with identifying and preparing databases for the number of landholdings controlled by federal offices with all the land sizes and purposes, making a database would help to arrange ideas on which of the public offices need refurbishments and which are available to further develop into investment projects,” said Lensa.

According to Lensa, the corporation has so far collected 85 percent of the landholding information of federal ministries and offices in the capital. It is in the process of finalizing preparations to receive a title deed to 600 federal offices and landholdings, in collaboration with the city’s Land Administration and Building Permit Authority.

“These federal offices have covered 5.48 percent of the city’s land portion. So developing investment projects on this would certainly transform the city,” she added.