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Counterfeit mouthwash floods market

Counterfeit mouthwash floods market

“Herbal Colgate” imitates a local mouth wash brand “Dentplus”

The Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority(FMHACA) said that a counterfeited dental product used for teeth whitening and mouth washing, under the name of “Herbal Colgate”is being sold without the consent of the quality assurance authorities and the original producer of the product that it imitates.

The Authority said that the counterfeited products were in the market illegally and were caught after a tip from the community.

“The products were not properly examined and approved by the aforementioned Authority. In addition, those unregistered counterfeited products have no proper label in each product. For instance, no batch number and expiry dates were written on the products.”

The illegal dental product,“Herbal Colgate”, was produced by counterfeiting a similar productproduced in Ethiopia and registered by the Authority: Dentplus.

DentPlus which is a registered product with FMHACA and produced by a company called Virginia Pharmaceutical Plc; an Ethiopian based company owned by local investors.

Instead, they used the contact details of Virginia pharmaceutical to deceive the public. The counterfeited products have later been brought to the laboratory for furthercheckup.

“As a result of the counterfeited products, our sale was affected and have incurreda loss,”said Abdella Mohammed, CEO and founder of Virginia.

Virginia was established back in 2015 with an initial capital of 200,000 birr. Currently, the company employs over 40 people and produce 800,000 units of DentPlusteeth cleaning and Whitening, per year. In addition, its annual turnover reached up to 10 million birr.

“We still are assessing the exact amount,” he said. “Once we are done with the proper the assessment, we will take the case to court.”

The Authority urged the public not to use “Herbal Colgate” as well as inform the concerned offices in case they notice the products being sold.