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Cycling tour to take place in Ethiopia

Cycling tour to take place in Ethiopia

Scheduled to take place across the Northern part of the country, Ethiopian professional cyclist, Tsegabu Girmay, has organized a road cycling tour in Ethiopia. Several foreign and local road bicycle riders are expected to participate in the road cycling tours with a package provided to visit historical places in the region.

The road cycling tour is going to take place on October 4-7, 2019 starting from Mekele and going through Adigrat, Axum, Abiaden and ending in Mekele City. Over six road cycling teams will be part of the rider’s, age ranging from 14 to 17 years old.

The ride with Cycling Holidays is anticipated to discover a rich local cycling culture that has existed in Ethiopia for decades.

Ethiopian cyclist Tsegabu explained that his home town is well-known for its cyclists and grew up in such a culture.

“We love cycling in Ethiopia. We also want cyclists from other countries to come and enjoy riding here and we have the best team to look after you,” Tsegabu Girmay, UCI World Tour Rider insisted.

According to the organizers, there are guides and drivers who will take care of the participants based on how fast or slow they want to ride.

The main purpose is to bring riders to Ethiopia and show some of the amazing landscape and famous historical sights of the Tigray region. Each participant’s will pay GBP 595 and the payment will be part of supporting a local cycling team who are continuing the tradition of road cycling in Ethiopia.

Regarding this, the organizers have a goal to provide more opportunities for young riders to compete in the national races and to open-up chances to become professional cyclists representing Ethiopia in international competitions. 30 percent of the profits of Ethiopia Cycling Holidays will go to supporting this team.

With many foreign visitors having had the experience of riding across the country; private tours and travel guides are working on road cycling tours in various places of the country. The months between October and June, in the Ethiopian highlands, is ideal for road cycling.    

Furthermore, tour companies have been working on new routes and road safety improvements with the regional governments in Ethiopia. Due to the well-know and historical places in the country; mountains, landscapes, hills and various green areas hold an impressive sight for cycling tours.

Tsegabu Girmay became the first rider to make it to the Tour De France cycling race, years back. Ethiopia has been participating in several cycling competitions including the Olympic Games for over five decades. However, not a single Ethiopian has made it to the famous cycling race. Tsegabu, who was born in Tigray, is a two-time national road race champion and a two-time national time trial champion.

Tsegabu became the first Ethiopian professional cyclist when he joined MTN-Qhubeka in 2012. Furthermore, he became the first Ethiopian to win an international cycling event when he won the fifth stage of the Tour de Taiwan. He currently rides for UCI world Team Mitchelton-scot. He was also part of the Ethiopian Olympics team in Rio 2016.