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DARA floats tender to build its HQ
Future HQ of DARA

DARA floats tender to build its HQ

The Federal Documentation, Authentication and Registration Agency (DARA) has floated a tender for local and international firms to build a 4B+ G + 21-storey building for its headquarters in one of the prime locations of Addis Ababa.

The tender is in fact floated by the Federal Government Buildings Construction Project Office under the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction. The Project Office has invited bidders for the Construction of the DARA Office Building through International Competitive Bidding (ICB) Procedures.

The agency is regarded as one of the cash cows of government agencies that fetch millions in revenue for the government.

Currently, the agency pays more than 35 million birr for rented office facilities from private owners, annually. According to Alemeshet Meshesha, head of Corporate Communication Directorate, the cost of rent for its headquarters alone amounts to 11 million birr.

He told The Reporter that apart from the cost of renting an office, the owners of the buildings, mostly increase rent without notice. He also blames lack of clear regulations which governs the house renting system in the country.

Hence, the agency has been prompted to have its own building, so that it can address its huge costs of rent.

In addition to the 21+ storey building, the agency is also considering constructing one more building in a separate area.

Located around Mexico, off Dejazmach Woldemichael Street, near the National Liquor and Alcohol Factory, the agency has secured around 2783 square meter of land with the built-up area taking at least 1,900 square meters.

Currently, the Agency has a total of 14 branches including 14 in Addis Ababa and one branch in Dire Dawa.